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NA Advocacy USA, Inc.

Neuroacanthocytosis Advocacy USA, Inc.

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Who We Are

Welcome to Neuroacanthocytosis Advocacy USA, Inc. - or to avoid tongue-twisting - NA Advocacy USA.  We are a sister organization to the older,  international Advocacy for Neuroacanthocytosis Patients organization based in London, but our purpose is the same – to raise awareness of diseases in the neuroacanthocytosis (NA) family, to support patients and caregivers, and to foster research into the causes , treatment, and cure of the NA family of diseases. 







Blood Samples

Raise Awareness

Educating the medical community and wider world about neuroacanthocytosis (NA) disorders

Support Patients and Caregivers

Offering help and a listening ear

Foster Research

Funding research towards a cure

"Rarely, a cure is identified in medicine; more commonly, for most of the neurodegenerative choreas, physicians are shepherds in ameliorating suffering. The patients, their families, and their loved ones need better treatments and ultimate cures. They are waiting urgently."

Mitchell F. Brin, MD - Forward to The Differential Diagnosis of Chorea, Ruth H. Walker, MB, ChB, PhD, Editor, 2011

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