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In 2020, NA Advocacy USA successfully raised $50,000 from its Unlatch the Match appeal to meet a challenge grant of $50,000 from an anonymous donor. This resulted in a $100,000 award from NA Advocacy USA to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai in New York City for a promising brain research project called "Neuropathology of Neuroacanthocytosis. The project involves brain tissue from deceased NA patients, some of whom we actually know. That’s how committed many NA patients and their loved ones are to eradicating NA. No one wants to see future generations suffer with these terrible diseases that affect multiple body systems.

Now we are ready to raise additional funds to continue the grant beyond Year One.  Once again, an anonymous donor has pledged to match - dollar for dollar - up to $25,000.  Won't you help us UNLATCH MORE MATCH and fully fund this critical research? Please use the DONATE button in the top right hand corner of the page to make your tax-deductible gift. We thank you!

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